Our Process

When approaching In-Building DAS projects, our guiding principle in developing a solution is that we meet our customer’s needs in an efficient, yet effective manner.

How do we accomplish this? We meet six critical requirements for any DAS project.

  1. Design Guarantee

  2. Full-time Engineering

  3. Industry Certifications

  4. RF CAD Design Software(iBwave)

  5. Extensive Acceptance Testing

  6. Maintenance

Our process begins by conducting hands-on research, then deploying our highly trained and certified electrical engineers to ensure our products and services provide the best available solution for your in-building needs. Below is an example of the research process we take when a client calls on us for their DAS needs.

  • Interview – What is your system capable of now, and what exactly do you want or need it to do?
  • Site Walk – What challenges does your building present from an RF perspective? What are its components (concrete, steel, glass)?
  • Design – We’ll define the specifications that your new system design must meet, as well as collect any other information about your building to assist with the engineering phase of the system, such as existing building drawings.
  • Our in-house engineering staff will design your system using the industry-standard iBwave software.

Procedures vary based upon request—what doesn’t change is our commitment to the functionality of your new system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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