How The Safer Buildings Coalition Is Keeping You Safe

In an emergency situation, it is critical that civilians and first responders can communicate at all times while in a commercial building. Building occupants must be able to have the ability to call 911, and receive urgent alerts during an emergency. Likewise, first responders who arrive on the seen of an emergency must have the ability to communicate with dispatch and each other effectively, otherwise putting their lives and the lives of others in extreme danger.

There are more than 5.6 million commercial buildings in the US. Unfortunately, many of these buildings lack the proper equipment to provide seamless wireless communication in the event of a crisis. Now there is a solution. Building owners can install systems such as Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDAs) to eliminate these problems and keep occupants safe at all times.

The Safer Buildings Coalition is an independent non-profit organization that helps to enable reliable wireless connectivity inside all buildings so that critical communication can happen at all times.