Keeping Us Safe

Safer Buildings Coalition

The Safer Buildings Coalition is an independent non-profit organization that helps to enable reliable critical wireless communication inside buildings for our first responders. 

ADRF Case Study

W Hotel Minneapolis

ADRF’s ADX DAS delivers reliable wireless service throughout the W Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.

We're Making Waves

Building the Future of Wireless​

A Message from Randy Dewey, President and CEO of Galtronics Corporation Ltd.:
“Hello. I’m Randy Dewey, President and CEO of Galtronics Corporation — a pure play antenna company known around the world for “making waves”.

In our first forty years, we’ve built a reputation for reliable wireless technology and innovative research and development. We’ve manufactured over a billion antennas, connecting millions of people — and helping build the “data highways” of the future.

Today’s most inspiring technology? The network.

No matter where you work or play, today’s professionals live a digital lifestyle that demands instant, reliable Internet access, virtually everywhere. CommScope aims to empower this lifestyle with world-class fiber-optic solutions that push the envelope on connectivity, latency and bandwidth.

What’s New in iBwave Unity Enterprise Version 2.5

View the latest features in iBwave Unity Enterprise Version 2.5.

HELIAX FiberFeed connectivity from CommScope

Part of our Fiber-to-the-Antenna Turnkey Solution

To increase performance and lower costs, operators are turning to the remote radio unit (RRU) at the top of a cell tower and the fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) that connects it. HELIAX FiberFeed simplifies remote radio unit connectivity, making network modernization efforts more efficient and productive.


Break Through

Our devices are more than just phones or computers, they are an extension of who we are. And when we aren’t able to use them how we want, it’s a problem. 74% of U.S. office workers complain about poor In-building cellular coverage. Zinwave breaks through the barriers to in-building connectivity with a unique Wideband Active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that solves historical issues associated with delivering multiple in-building wireless services. It provides ubiquitous coverage for all commercial and public safety services as well as integrated support for IP services in a single layer, integrated solution.

Solving the cellular coverage and capacity problem with JMA

Todd Landry, Corporate VP, Product & Marketing Strategy, JMA describes the growing problem of wireless coverage and capacty in the U.S. and the solution JMA offers. This includes expanding its distributed antenna system (DAS) portfolio and in paticular its FUZE platform. The FUZE platform focuses on optimizing connectivity from head-end locations to remote sites in heterogeneous network deployments. FUZE uniquely integrates fiber distribution, powered Ethernet, mounting and different electrical power options into a power set of deployment options.


The NearFar Problem

Learn how Westell Technologies can solve the near/far problem with our revolutionary DAS.

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