Engineering Services

We believe all great wireless solutions begin with great engineering, and great engineering requires a great deal of experience. With a staff that averages over 15 years of industry experience combined with our unmatched dedication, our outstanding industry relationships, and our state-of-the-art tools, you are guaranteed to get great results.

Our Engineering services cover a wide variety of systems, including mobile telephony, Wi-Fi, two-way radio, and public safety radio systems. Our design solutions commonly include:

  • DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
  • BDAs (Bi-Directional Amplifiers)
  • Small-cells
  • Passive distribution networks and monitoring systems
  • Related sub-systems (e.g. alarm interfaces, battery back-up units, networking infrastructure, and DC power supplies).

Life Cycle Support

Communications systems have a distinct life-cycle, and our capabilities are aligned to provide the support necessary to maximize your investment. We have identified a five-phased approach to managing this cycle:

  1. Planning is necessary to ensure the end-users’ objectives are met while still having a system that meets the financial and practical realities of our customer.
  2. Design is the linchpin of a successful solution. Our team will complete a turn-key design that meets the planning objectives.
  3. Implementation is the longest step in bringing the solution to life. We hold our installations to the highest standards and provide unmatched workmanship guarantees on the work we perform.
  4. Commissioning is the hidden step that determines the success of the solution. We follow well-established industry standards and ensure clear communications to deliver consistent results.
  5. Maintenance of your system ensures your investment. We recommend all systems have some preventative maintenance to ensure the system continues to meet your objectives.

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